About Our Firm

Casper Roimi Law Firm is a boutique law firm that specializes in real-estate law, trusts, private equity, urban renewal including National Outline Plan 38 "Tama 38" and " Pinuy – Binuy", corporate law, commercial law including long term hotel leases.   




Our clientele includes Israeli and foreign multinational corporations, real estate companies, private equity funds, small and medium sized businesses, residential buildings, private individuals and private hotel owners.


Our Culture & Values


Casper Roimi Law Firm is a modern, forward-thinking law firm which takes pride in being an integral part of our client's success.

Our firm strives to provide our clientele with the highest quality and professionalism and services in everything we do, all in order to meet our client’s needs and standards, whether they are a large multinational corporation, a private equity fund or a private client looking to invest in real-estate in Israel or abroad.